Monday, February 21, 2011

Onward! Ho!

Man what a week I've had. Things have been a little hectic at work this week but I think I've handled the hectic with more poise than usual. Could this have something to do with the food I'm eating? Hmm? Does eating foods from the low carb "Approved Foods List" make you have a more even temperament? Good question don't ya think?!?

Here's what I know. Since last Monday 2/14/11 I have lost 11 lbs. That may seem like quite a bit to you but honestly I lost 13 or 14 pounds my first week on weight watchers a few years ago. There is a major difference between what I was doing with weight watchers and what I'm doing now though. My first week on weight watchers I walked 20 minutes every morning and then did a cardio workout 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes. My first week on the "Approved Foods List" I haven't worked out once!!! I have not walked, been on a bicycle, run on the elliptical, tried to kill myself with P90X, or done anything else outside of my normal routine. NOTHING! NADA! ZIP! Zilch! Zero! Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

How is that possible? Well I can't explain it but, everything I'm doing, I learned from this BOOK. Is one week enough to prove that everything Mr. Taubes or Dr. Atkins have asserted about low carb diets? No. And I'm certain they would both agree that one week is not enough time to prove whether or not this works. That being said I'm truly excited. This is working just like this BOOK said it would. I'm eating low carb foods and the weight is falling off all by itself.

Another thing I know. My skin feels healthier and is looking healthier than it has in a long time. I've been a body acne sufferer in a few places for a long time. I've been to Dr's and taken medicine and used weird smelling ointments and soaps with the same frustrating results of dieting. Short term success but long term failure. What if eating low carb cures acne? Wouldn't that be something?

Another thing I think. I'm pretty sure my resting heart rate is slower than it was at the beginning of last week. I'm going to start recording that in the morning and see if drops over time as well.

In short. I feel good. I'm lighter and smaller than I was last week. I'm still hopeful and I'm NOT HUNGRY and frustrated by my hunger like I was after my first week of weight watchers.

Bring it on week two.

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