Sunday, September 11, 2011

A little late... September Lifestyle Challenge and July/August update

Back in July... That seems so long ago now... I set a few goals as part of the Skinny Devil Music's July lifestyle challenge. You can read David's update at the above link and you can read my update and new goals for September/October below.

July/August Update:
First the goals..

Excercise - My goal is to walk a minimum of 15 minutes every morning and to excercise an addtional 45 minutes three times a week - I was pretty good on this the first couple weeks of the month. Then things got wonky work wise and I lost my exercise mojo. We'll call this one a miss. 

Creativity - Continue with lessons. Memorize an addtional 5 songs. Write two new songs. Go to the Common Grounds open mic night once and play three of my originals. Make at least one performance appearance at the Lexington Farmer's Market playing only memorized music (minimum ten songs). Make one appearance at the jam session after the Southland Jamboree. I hit on the memorized songs and I hit on the songwriting bit. I ended up writing 5 or 6 new songs in July and August. I attended all of my lessons and went to the entire 8 weeks session of guitar four. I did not make it to the Farmer's Market, the Southland Jamboree or the Common Grounds open mics. We'll call this one a partial hit. Glass half full and all that. 

Personal - Lose 10 pounds this month. Realign my diet with the "no sugar/mo starches" concept. Go on a date. Just like with the exercise I lost my mojo a little bit when got a bit wonky in mid July. I ran on a pretty long leash and got farther away from the whole no sugar/no starch thing instead of closer to it. I also gained weight instead of lost it. I also didn't go on a date. I guess I'm not asking right.  Big miss on this one. 

Professional - No missed punches on my time card for the whole month. Bring lunch to work everyday. No going out and no eating free food in the breakroom's. No vending machine visits. When I posted this I couldn't post what my real professional goal was and I didn't want to hint that I may have been leaving my old job. So although I did hit my goal of no missed punches at Tempur for the last couple weeks I was there, I'm totally calling that a hit, my real goal was to get the job I applied for at Florida Tile and to that end I had a huge HIT! The transition to the new job was tough and the work is more demanding but I'm enjoying the new challenges and I'm working with some amazing folks at an amazing company. HIT x 3 more money, better work environment and accountability for my work. 

So now we know how well I did in July and August... Let's look ahead to September/October

  1. Excercise - My goal is to walk a minimum of 15 minutes everyday and to excercise an addtional 30 minutes three times a week.
  2. Creativity - Continue with lessons. Get two good recordings of my songs. Hit two open mic/songwriter nights around town. 
  3. Personal - Lose 10 pounds this by the end of October. Realign my diet with the "no sugar/mo starches" concept. Go on a date. 
  4. Professional - Continue to kick ass and take names at my new job. Remember to add freight charges to my accounts when needed.  Bring lunch to work four times a week and only eat out once.