Monday, March 14, 2011


So I've really fallen off on updating this regularly like I planned too... Insert frowny face here. Oh well. I'm doing very well with my eating habits. Had a few slips this weekend but I weighed in the morning and so far I've lost 19 pounds. So that's one month solid of the low carb thing and 20 pounds lost. I can't help but wonder if that average will continue in the future. How cool would it be if you could really lose over a hundred pounds in just six months.

I'm not deluding myself at all here. I know this will be a long haul thing. Even if I drop all the weight I want to lose in six months I will still have to fight and watch what I'm eating all the time. I'm learning as I go on several levels but, so far, the things I'm most impressed with are my cooking skills. Maybe I'll be as awesome as Tony Bourdain someday.

Signing just shy of 20 pounds lighter.

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