Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Meal Update...

Man I’ve totally let my meal updates slip huh? Well…

Dinner 3/1/2011 was a ribeye with green beans and butter(talk about a way to make canned green beans taste good). 1 cup of baby spinach and greek salad dressing.

Breakfast 3/2/2011 was two eggs with four pieces of bacon.

Lunch 3/2/2011 was my tuna salad concoction with salmon. Two cups of baby spinach with greek dressing.

Had an interesting morning… I’ve gained three pounds over the last three days. I think it’s all a result of cheating with some, ok several girl scout cookies on Sunday. Haven’t had anything with sugar or starch in it since Sunday evening so hopefully the upward trend will stop. We’ll find out tomorrow… and the next day.

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