Sunday, January 18, 2009

A long line of firsts for 2009.

Yeah yeah yeah. Everyone has a new years resolution. Blah blah blah. Last year I didn't make any resolutions. I decided on NYE 2007/8 that this year I would resolve to not resolve. Turns out it was the best plan. In 2008 I quit smoking and have lost, and most importantly kept off, 20 pounds since June. In previous years I had used one or both of those things as resolutions and failed miserably at accomplishing them.

In 2009 I returned to my ways of old and resolved to ride my bike more this year. So far I've failed miserably. It's been cold you say. Bah! There have been enough warm days that I could have ridden a little and , instead, found something else to do. I also have access to rollers which are indoors and I just haven't done it. Hell I even have access to an already ruined set of wheels to ride the rollers on so I don't even have the excuse of "I'll ruin my wheels with my weight on the rollers."

It's the resolution curse. I said it and found lots of reasons ways not to make it happen. Today I am clearing the plate. I am resolving to not resolve once again this year. I'll ride my bike if I want. For now, it's cold and, I'm going to hang in and play my guitar.

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